All Hail Laughter (double album) – 2017

All Hail San Francisco | All Hail Minneapolis

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Light Sweet Crude 

One Hour Stand-Up TV Special

Available on Netflix & streaming services



Tom Rhodes Colossus of Me

Colossus of Me (double album)

Live in Sydney | Live in Los Angeles

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Tom Rhodes Live in Paris

Live in Paris 

Live at the Hotel du Nord

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Tom Rhodes Hot Sweet Ass

Hot Sweet Ass

Live in Houston, Texas

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Elite Package

Light Sweet Crude + double album Colossus of Me

This package contains the album Colossus of Me and the new Light Sweet Crude Special. Colossus of Me is a double CD recorded in Los Angeles, CA & Sydney, Australia. It’s a unique listening experience of how Tom’s material works in different parts of the world. Live in Sydney is recorded in the world famous Sydney Comedy Store and Live in Los Angeles is recorded at the oldest classic comedy club in America The Ice House in Los Angeles.






Classic Package

Light Sweet Crude + Hot Sweet Ass + Live in Paris

Tom’s first two live recordings which became instant classics! In Hot Sweet Ass Tom is on fire in front of a raucous Houston, Texas audience. Live in Paris has Tom spreading his wings to an intellectual international crowd. This package includes the new special Light Sweet Crude. Enjoy!





Royal Package

Light Sweet Crude + Hot Sweet Ass + Live in Paris +double album Colossus of Me 

This five hour package is for the die-hard Tom Rhodes fans! Containing all of Tom’s live audio recordings Hot Sweet Ass, Live in Paris, Double Album Colossus of Me and his first ever uncensored one hour special Light Sweet Crude. Dig in!


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